Privacy Policy Last Updated: June 2017 42S is a scientific calculator application that emulates the HP-42s.  It contains features to store and download programs from the user’s Microsoft OneDrive account (formerly referred to as a SkyDrive account).

Information We Collect

Login credentials are required by Microsoft to access OneDrive from within this application. This app provides the option for the user to supply credentials and control login and logout to transfer program files to and from OneDrive.  Management of login credentials is handled only by Microsoft services accessed by this app.  This app never has access to the user’s credentials and has no ability to store or use them in any way. When Microsoft services are used to access OneDrive, user program data may be transmitted to or from OneDrive to facilitate importing and exporting user program files used by the calculator.  If a program file is downloaded from OneDrive, it will be stored in the app’s local storage until erased by the user.  Likewise, program files uploaded to OneDrive will be available to the user in their OneDrive account until removed.  Uploaded files use a .raw file extension and are stored in a folder titled Documents on OneDrive.  The application has no ability to access any other folder or file type on OneDrive. The calculator app will store application settings, state, user preferences, and user programs in local application storage.  Aside from OneDrive operations mentioned above for user programs, this stored data is not transmitted outside the app in any manner. Beyond facilitating the ability to access OneDrive, no other personal information is used, stored, or disclosed in any manner. This application does not gather or transmit any statistical or other type of usage information. As part of Microsoft’s application store and distribution infrastructure, data may be collected by Microsoft regarding app purchases, installs, crashes, user ratings and comments in the store, or other data needed to facilitate their services.  To learn more about information Microsoft may collect, please see

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